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Dental Implants in Ahwatukee, Phoenix - Implant Supported Dentures & Full Mouth Restoration

For many patients, dentures and bridges are an effective solution to accidental or congenital tooth loss. However, long-term maintenance and instability that come with these restorations can sometimes make them a liability to the long-term health and function of an already compromised smile. Dental Implant Restorations in Ahwatukee, PhoenixAt Ahwatukee Foothills Dental Care, Dr. Douglas Pulsipher helps patients restore natural oral function with dental implants in Ahwatukee. 

Understanding Dental Implants

Single Unit Dental Implant in Ahwatukee, Phoenix
Implants are tooth replacement solution that are unique among restorative dentistry for a number of reasons. Implants are 
surgically placed into the jaw. Through the recovery process, the implant and jaw bone fuse together, creating a sturdy base for the restoration and reinforcing the strength of jaw bone. Implant placement and subsequent fusion ensures that patients receive a permanent solution for their missing teeth. 

Implants are biocompatible and highly durable. Often, patients with dentures, partials, or bridges are forced to sacrifice their favorite foods, as their prosthetic is not effective enough to provide adequate biting and chewing function. With this comprehensive tooth replacement solution, patients can once again eat, chew and speak as they would with their natural teeth. 

Receiving Dental Implants in Ahwatukee

The first step to successful dental implant treatment begins with a comprehensive treatment plan from our office. To help patients receive truly functional dental implants, Dr. Pulsipher helps first identify their dental issues and determine which treatment will work best for them. By identifying underlying dental issues and indicators of oral health conditions, our team is able to develop a 
customized treatment plan that helps patients regain their oral health and function.

To ensure consistent care from the initial consultation through the final restoration check-up, our team works with Phoenix dental specialists to successfully place the implant in the most strategic location. Once the implant has been placed, patients return to our Ahwatukee dental office to begin the restoration process. For patients requiring multiple tooth replacements, Dr. Pulsipher offers flexible solutions that range from single tooth implants to implant-supported dentures and full mouth restoration. Once this final step is complete, patients are free to return to their normal lives with a beautiful, fully functional smile. 

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Full Mouth Restorations in Ahwatukee, PhoenixOur team at Ahwatukee Foothills Dental Care is committed to helping patients restore natural dental function following tooth loss or extraction with affordable dental implant treatment. For more information about the many benefits of dental implants, schedule your consultation with our Ahwatukee dentist today

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